The launch of the zero phase of Ethereum 2.0 took place

Today, December 1, the launch of the zero phase of the second version of Ethereum took place.

The Genesis block is generated, and the first blocks of the new network appear.

“Congratulations on the launch all!” wrote Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

According to Viktor Bunin, a specialist in Bison Trails protocols, the network has more than 21,000 validators. The level of user participation is growing steadily.

The first block was accompanied by the message “Mr F was here.”

Many community members were clearly intrigued. Vitalik Buterin complained that the community did not write about something like “giant steps for humanity.”

Ethereum developer Hudson Jameson explained that “Mr F” is a reference to the Queen Song “Don’t stop me now” and an autograph that Vitalik Buterin once left for the user Mr Fahrenheit.

The fourth block included the message “Welcome to a New Beginning.”

After reaching a local maximum, the price of Ethereum went to look for balance at lower levels. Volatility has increased significantly.