Amid storms, acts of kindness ripple through Central Texas | KWKT

KILLEEN, Texas – The winter storms in Central Texas this week have been a disaster – but amid the chaos, folks put their Texas-sized super powers on display.

What started out as an open offer to the community exploded into a movement of kindness in Killeen.

“I started taking the messages, and I’d screenshot them and get the addresses, and then I just dispatched my husband to where he needed to go essentially,” said Katy Knox.

Her husband, Britt Knox, and many of his neighbors went from house to house helping their neighbors out – many without power during this week’s storm.

Whether it was getting a sick elderly woman to an ambulance, or pulling an ambulance itself after getting stuck in snow, Britt and his neighbors stayed busy helping others.

“He helped us out by turning off our water, making sure our pipes weren’t flooded or anything, or our pipes wouldn’t burst,” one Killeen resident told FOX44.

“I’ve seen everybody in Texas come together and help everybody out, so it’s not just him. He just happened to be recorded,” said Knox.

Across town we caught up with Daivone 2X, who was giving out water to apartment residents whose water had been out for days.

“You would swear up and down I’m bringing a million dollars to your door, you know people are that grateful. Hugging me in tears. It’s an amazing feeling, you know?,” he said.

At one point, we saw him taking an extra step to hand deliver water to an elderly resident who was nearly running out.

Killeen barber Jammie Blunt, after seeing H-E-B stores across the area being overloaded with customers, says he wanted to do something nice for them to show their hard work wasn’t going unnoticed.

Through a post on social media, he offered H-E-B employees haircuts free of charge.

“I hope that they understand that they’re more than just grocery workers, and somebody that just works at H-E-B. That they’re essential to our neighborhood and valuable to the community,” Blunt said.

They say they were all inspired by watching someone else do something kind – adding they hope as a result, they inspire others to keep it going.