If you want a better understanding of Blockchain, this training can answer all of your questions

Terms like revolutionary and groundbreaking get thrown around a lot in the tech arena. Sometimes, they’re warranted. Other times…not so much. Then, there are buzzy new paradigm-shifting technologies that, even for all of their press, might actually be underrated in light of their ultimate global impact.

Those keyed in the know that blockchaining is the driving technology behind cryptocurrencies, one of the biggest financial developments in decades. Yet, for all the ink spilled over blockchaining, its societal footprint may only now be coming into focus. Blockchaining’s distributed ledger technology may soon help save the movie industry. It could also be helping the automotive industry actually clean up urban air quality.  

Students can go beyond Bitcoin and learn all about the wide-ranging impact of this earth-shaking technology in the Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle.

Across two courses and more than 35 hours of instruction, even those who know nothing about blockchaining or how it works can get familiar with the basics as well as how to apply the technology in the cryptocurrencies markets and beyond.

With the Blockchain Basics Course, learners are introduced to blockchaining concepts, understanding how blocks of information can be decentralized on computer systems worldwide efficiently and transparently. Even without the security of a bank or government, blockchained data can’t be tampered with or cheated. 

This course explains how to create and mine blocks and add them to a blockchain. There’s also a solid overview of digital currency, so learners can understand how to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos as well as make transactions.

Then, the Blockchain Certification Training Course moves that knowledge forward, including deep dives into Bitcoins, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and important blockchain platforms, and how to use the latest blockchain tools like Ganache, Truffle, Meta Mask, and Geth to build blockchain applications.

Backed with this training, students will be able to set up their own private blockchain networks using Hyperledger and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum.

The Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle is $900 worth of intensive coursework, but right now, it’s available for under $15 per course, for only $29.

Prices subject to change.