Will Ripple (XRP) Have an IPO?

Since the SEC announced the lawsuit in December, many exchanges have withdrawn XRP from their platforms, leading to a 70 percent price drop in just a couple of weeks. Fast forward to today, XRP prices surged from $0.20 back in January to almost $1.60 as of May. While that’s still far from its 2018 high of around $3.50, prices haven’t been as high as they are since then.

If Ripple does go public after all, that would only further push up XRP prices. While the SEC lawsuit still technically isn’t settled, it seems to be moving towards Ripple’s favor. If the judge decides to dismiss the SEC case, that would be another major catalyst that could send XRP prices surging. If both of these things happen, it’s very likely that XRP will hit a new all-time high of $4.0. Currently, XRP is the 4th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap.