Clemmons Foundation announces name change

Clemmons Foundation changes name to Shallow Ford Foundation to reflect larger area served and mission.

The Clemmons Community Foundation has announced a name change to the Shallow Ford Foundation, effective July 1, 2021. Founded by the Clemmons Rotary Club in 2004 and converted to the Clemmons Community Foundation in 2012, the foundation’s service area extends beyond Clemmons. Based on the guidance of donors, the areas of grant and scholarship focus include Lewisville, Yadkin County and North Davidson County.

Tim Bell, 2021-2022 Foundation Board Chair and leader of the branding committee, commented on the new name, “We needed a name that represented what we were already doing. The Board loves this new name because it also tells a story…a story much like the foundation’s work. We’re very excited to announce a name that better represents our donors, the hearts and goals of our incredible communities, and our foundation’s mission and values.”

The new name is inspired by the historically-renowned shallow location on the Yadkin River that was used to cross the river between Forsyth and Yadkin Counties. Its history dates back to the Native Americans. In the mid-1700s, the shallow ford became part of the Great Wagon Road on which early settlers traveled to find new farmland and to bring goods to markets on the other side. The shallow ford was a place that helped connect individual hopes and dreams to the new soils, markets, and opportunities on the other side. The Foundation’s mission and values focus on meaningful relationships, engaging the community, and connecting the hopes and dreams of residents and philanthropists to practical, relevant strategies and community investments with long-lasting results. The Shallow Ford represents all these goals. The name better represents the broader geography served by the foundation, honors the area’s heritage, and reflects the foundation’s mission of connecting community and local philanthropy to achieve lasting outcomes.

Donors and partner organizations were informed of the name change and agree. Bobby Todd, Executive Director of the Yadkin County Economic Development Partnership and Yadkin Chamber of Commerce also commented. “We love it. It’s the perfect name and it will be received well by our county leaders.”

Yadkin County Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Martin added, “The name change makes sense. The Foundation has been such a special partner with YCS over the past several years. Their leaders have been present and engaged in serving our students and we are very grateful to the Shore family for the programming resources. I believe this name change reflects a continuing commitment to those who the Foundation serves in Forsyth County as well as the students and citizens of Yadkin County.”

Donna Bingham Merriman, daughter of Thad and Mary Bingham who established an endowment fund with the foundation in 2015, shared her thoughts. “The Foundation has been a blessing to our family and our interest. It’s not about the name, it’s about the work they do. We know that won’t change and we like that they kept a name that is well known in this part of the county.”

Current Board Chair, Maria Poindexter Vernon, said of the Board’s decision, “We are known to energetically serve the intentions and goals of our contributors. Their philanthropic goals are often serving communities and needs beyond Clemmons. With all our work and programming in Lewisville and especially Yadkin County over the past few years, the new name is more inclusive of the communities where we focus our services. It’s an exciting name change with a beautiful story that affirms our mission and ongoing work.”

The updated logo maintains the identifiable starburst and adds a water element beneath the starburst. The soon-to-be-named Shallow Ford Foundation stewards $16.5 million in assets through 36 funds named and established by donors. Its key programs in Yadkin County during the last few years include the Shore Community Grants program and the Shore Scholars Program, the Yadkin County COVID-19 Response Fund and its local leadership team, and community collaborations in support of Yadkin County School teachers and staff. The foundation’s new web site, which will be unveiled July 1 is

Those interested in further information, call Sandi Scannelli, President/CEO, 336-407-3460 or email