Waihe‘e Elementary School Teacher Shares Uplifting Curriculum Focused on Happiness

Waiheʻe Elementary School teacher Jeremy Percich (left) and “Miss Happy” Karen Romero, founder of Humans Worldwide. PC: Humans Worldwide.

School may be out at Waihe’e Elementary, but for Mr. Jeremy Percich’s fourth grade class, the happy lessons learned are just beginning.

In an effort to end the peculiar school year on a high note, Percich partnered with Humans Worldwide to create an uplifting curriculum focused on happiness. Humans Worldwide is a local organization committed to the well being of the community and world at large

Students were gifted a t-shirt with the message: A Smile for a Smile. PC: Humans Worldwide

Students were treated to lessons focused on exploring, creating, celebrating, and sharing happiness. The curriculum included guest speaker, “Miss Happy,” performed by Karen Romero, a local professional actor, educator, and founder of Humans Worldwide.

With passion and joy, Miss Happy taught the students about Happiness Ripple Effects, local and global impacts, and most importantly, how to start their own.

After the presentation, students were gifted a t-shirt with the message: A Smile for a Smile.


“The t-shirts are a simple, yet profound example of a Happiness Ripple Effect in action. With new inspiration, students embarked on a mission to discover ways to create their own Happiness Ripple Effect,” organizers said.


On the last day of school, students shared their own Happiness Ripple Effect.

“Their ideas were innovative, thoughtful, and cheerful, it was a great success,” said organizers.