Galaxy chocolate: How the famous Ripple bar is made – each bar is uniquely designed

Galaxy chocolate is made and marketed by Mars, which has called Dundee Road in Slough home since 1932. had exclusive behind the scenes access to the factory to find out exactly what goes into making a bar of smooth Galaxy as well as its Ripple bars.

The factory also runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to get the chocolate on the shelves.

Galaxy is super creamy and silky thanks to one of the first processes which involves finely milling the chocolate down to a tiny micron level.

Ellyse O’Connor, Galaxy Senior Brand Manager explained: “It literally is nearly as fine as actual silk.

“It means we’re able to make that signature Galaxy taste – a silky-smooth sensation that has a richness in flavour – which is so synonymous with luxurious indulgence.”

Galaxy’s chocolate is also still made using a crumb oven, which helps to bring out the underlying notes of caramel.

But what is the nation’s favourite chocolate bar? 

In one survey of 2,000 adults last year, Prodigy Snacks discovered that Cadbury’s signature bar was named the nation’s favourite, pushing Galaxy into second place.

However, recent analysis from Galaxy shows that Britons prefer the more indulgent experience that Galaxy’s silky bar gives.

It discovered that 62 percent of Britons find Galaxy to be more indulgent, and a whopping 76 percent find Galaxy to be the smoother chocolate. 

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on which is the best chocolate brand, fans sparked debate on the topic.

One person said: “Galaxy all day everyday, it’s so smooth and creamy.”

Another wrote: “Of course Galaxy is better!”

A third tweeted: “Galaxy is really nice, in fact, it’s my favourite.”

Others disagreed with one person explaining: “There is no such thing as unwanted Dairy Milk.”

Another said: “I like both and go to either depending on how I feel.”

Members of the public who would like to surrender their Dairy Milk and receive a Galaxy bar in return can head to the website to learn more about the amnesty.

The amnesty will see all Dairy Milk bars swapped for a bar of Galaxy courtesy of the company.