Blockchain Algorithms Sign Free Match-Fixing Monitoring Deal

The Times

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 31, 2021 / — Blockchain Algorithms have agreed a new partnership with the Moldovan Football Federation (FMF) in the fight against the threat of match-fixing in Moldova.

Blockchain Algorithms will provide a dedicated alert service to the FМF free of charge, notifying suspicious betting patterns and suspected or potential match-fixing in Moldovan football.

If the FMF decide specific allegations of match-fixing need to be investigated further Blockchain Algorithms will provide detailed analysis which it will charged for.

“This is a service we have been providing free of charge to federations since 2010,” said Evens Fletcher, Director of Football at Blockchain Algorithms. “We are monitoring the betting markets and have always been of the opinion it is pointless sitting on information of potential criminal activity when it could be of benefit to governing bodies.”

The agreement with the Moldovan federation will see Blockchain Algorithms investigate specific allegations of match-manipulation in Moldova, working closely with the FMF on any such investigations.

Evgheni Zubic, FMF’s Integrity Officer, said: “We know match-fixers are taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to gain influence in more levels of sport and in more countries than ever before. Our new partnership with Blockchain Algorithms demonstrates our commitment to kicking out the match-fixers and keeping football in Moldova clean.”

Blockchain Algorithms uses its technology to analyse betting markets as well as match video footage to identify suspected matches in order to maintain integrity within sports. Its investigative reports rely on analysis of the betting markets and corresponding action on the pitch.

“Match-fixing continues to present a serious threat to sporting ethics and the credibility if sports competitions worldwide and it is vital that we tackle this meance through forward-thinking partnerships such as this,” said Evens.

Blockchain Algorithms has provided its base monitoring of suspicious betting patterns in football free of charge since the inception of the company in 2012, its specialist anti-match fixing division. This service is a back-up to its core sports trading consultancy, though obviously is of even greater importance to governing bodies whose competitions and their integrity are threatened by match-fixers.

Data-driven business Sportradar last month announced it was making available a base match-fixing alert service from its Fraud Detection Service (FDS) that monitors betting markets.

Jamie Blythe
Blockchain Algorithms
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