Blockchain Company Catches Bid Second Day In A Row

A micro cap fintech firm was bid up this morning after the company announced that it is investing an additional $850,000 in its revolutionary Zer00 ™ crypto mining platform in the form of a services and loan agreement with Fogdog Energy Solutions Inc. This is one day following a nice 10.89% pop for shares of CurrencyWorks Inc. (OTCQB:CWRK) and based on where pre-market bids are, we could see another successful day of trading.

CurrencyWorks is positioned for the long term as an enterprise platform for building blockchain economies for established brands. It provides a platform for the design and creation of crypto economies that solve real-world problems with established organizations. The company provides operational insights intended to benefit and grow its customer’s businesses through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Its platform is compliance-driven and combines rigorous strategic planning, capital structuring, technical integration and token economics model development, designed to allow its clients to create sustainable economies.

Heading into the open, shares of Currencyworks were bid up to $0.60/share, which is +9.09% over yesterday’s close. This could be an indication of things to come as the stock attempts to breakout of its multi-month downtrend.