Coinbase Global (COIN) Stock Is Skyrocketing By 21% Within Five Days. Is It Worth Investing Now? – Own Snap

Last Tuesday, Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN) stock was traded at $227.99; since that day, the price is shooted up to $259.94 till August 6. For a while, the stock has been dropped to $252.48 but quickly recovered. At the moment, the price wildly gains momentum by reaching $273.87. During the five days, the worth is progressively soaring by the profit of 20%.
Tuesday, Aug. 10, Coinbase Global (COIN, $262.83) will report its second earnings report as a publicly-traded company after the market closes. Its platform allows approximately 43 million retail users, 7,000 institutions, and 115,000 ecosystem partners in more than 100 countries to partake in the crypto economy. The company also provides a one-stop-shop for hedge funds, financial managers, and corporations to access the crypto markets using advanced trading and storage technologies.

It is a financial technology company that ensures comprehensive financial infrastructure and technologies Coinbase Global, Inc. It primarily focuses on creating a crypto economy, a transparent financial system supported by cryptography that uses crypto assets and digital assets built using blockchain technology.

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