Coinbase Users Unhappy With Support Service As Funds Disappear From The Accounts

Coinbase users are in trouble again. They are making their anger and frustrations known to the $65B company withholding their support.

Customers of Coinbase are attacking the company for poor customer support service. The users are angry after sending reports to the company that their accounts are hacked into, and their funds disappear. Following the CNBC investigation, numerous users all over the country are complaining against Coinbase.

According to the outlet, various Coinbase users who were interviewed claimed that hackers drained their funds. But what aggravated the users most is the lack of response from the exchange. They are ignoring all their support requests.

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From the numerous complaints and interviews with the users across the country, there seems to be a pattern to these criminal acts.

All Coinbase users confirmed that they noticed a sudden disappearance of money from their accounts. As if that is not enough, the exchange withheld their customer support service. And this made the customers angry and feeling abandoned.

A particular Coinbase user Tanja Vidovic declared that she lost almost all her cryptocurrency holdings worth $168,000 after she received series of security alerts for password change in April. According to Tanja, she made several attempts to reach Coinbase through phone but to no avail.

Many Coinbase Users Lost Their Funds

One other Coinbase customer informed the outlet he logged in to the exchange’s app last March only to find out that around $35,000 worth of crypto assets are no longer in his account. He later got an email from the exchange’s Regulatory Response Team stating that blockchain transactions cannot be reversed. Furthermore, their insurance policy is not extended to offset theft from customer’s personal accounts.

In March, New York Times published a story about a powerless Coinbase user who later sued the exchange for losing crypto assets worth $100,000.

Pouring out their resentments, numerous Coinbase customers took to social media. For instance, Kaleo, a popular analyst, informed his followers that the exchange has displayed “a completely mortifying show of customer care service.”

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According to him, his Dad, a Coinbase customer, has been trying to access his account for the past three months but can. Yet, no support from the exchanges’ Care service.

All his pleas and emails were either ignored or given generic replies that don’t have anything to do with the issue at hand. This level of neglect is quite humiliating to customers.

Other Coinbase users who suffered the same thing all over the country. Coinbase, though, responded to this particular complaint.

However, one customer remarked that:

 “Coinbase only responds and assists those users with multiple followers to protect their reputation. What about ordinary users who have stayed for five months without help and no access to their account”.

Even some users claimed that for four months now, they couldn’t access their accounts.

When the exchange went public last April, Brian Armstrong told CNBC that “there is no more need for people to fear crypto as they used to do back in the days.”

Since 2016, the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have received up to 11,000 complaints concerning Coinbase. Moreover, the majority of these complaints are linked to poor customer service.

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