Coworking with Chelsie Arvizu

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Chelsie Arvizu has spent years helping brands like Hint develop their digital strategy. Now, she’s doing it at Ripple Foods, which sells plant-based dairy alternatives, as their director of e-comm. 

How would you describe your job to someone who doesn’t work in retail? If you look at how (most) grocery store shelves are neatly organized with pricing and products, I work for customers to have that same experience digitally.  

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on? Launching a dotcom-exclusive variety pack that had one of each flavor. It ended up becoming one of our top products and it was so fun to hear about customers discovering new favorites.

One retail account we should follow: Mike Black of Profitero on LinkedIn is always on point.

An emerging trend that you’re excited about: Subscription/autofill services. Amazon has owned this market for so long and there is a huge opportunity to build loyalty through this offering.