How To Save In Bitcoin DCA

How To Save Bitcoin: DCA Is The Way

Saving money used to be a simple and standard practice – park your cash in a bank account and watch it grow. The 1926 book “The Richest Man in Babylon” famously advocates putting aside just 10% of your income to start building wealth. For a variety of reasons, the wisdom of saving is slipping away from our culture.

For one, saving doesn’t feel like the path to success anymore. Teenagers looking at college tuition costs watch their peers use TikTok to shoot from penniless to multi-millionaire status. Corporate employees fighting for a raise see online chat startups claiming $1 billion valuations before their app even releases publicly. Kids who skipped the playground to buy pictures of penguins suddenly find themselves richer than their parents. In this world, what good is saving and diligently deploying 10% of my income for a healthy return? It sure seems like life is a lottery these days, not a fair uphill climb.