Memes Will Take Bitcoin To The Moon

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Understanding Bitcoin can change your life. Once you do understand it, your entire system for evaluating what is worthy of your time, money and effort is also changed. I discussed this idea and more with the Bitcoin Conference team’s latest addition, Brad, on Twitter as @Chad_Capital.

He and I discussed how he first heard about Bitcoin, which was a result of the infectious excitement many feel about Bitcoin once they understand it. It seems that there is an exuberance that begins to come off of people once the incentives of nature align with a technological experience available to them today. He agreed, and followed up with his thoughts about how Bitcoin can change peoples’ lives. Brad has written two separate articles for us here at the magazine, one of them being titled, “Bitcoin: The Ultimate Opportunity Cost.” In this article, he discusses how upon realizing the true value of bitcoin the asset, every single choice one makes is an opportunity cost involving Bitcoin. Both time and money are what one trades for goods, services and advancement in the world, and every single decision we make must take into account maximizing our bitcoin stack.