Ojamu Revolutionising the Future Of Martech with Blockchain and Ai

The role of Blockchain is both promising and crucial in almost every aspect of technology. It has helped strengthen the existing underlying protocols for different tech-based services and provided them with new use cases. 

The trustless and decentralized nature of Blockchain technology, where the transfer of values works transparently, is influencing almost every industry that involves the exchange of value and transacting parties. Much like Blockchain, marketing also has a significant role in every industry for its adoption and growth. It requires research and an analytical approach to identify significant platforms, pinpoint target audiences, and understand both the market dynamics and the brands’ needs.

Contrary to the common belief that marketing is a straightforward service, this industry is exceptionally challenging. This is due to the fact that marketing does not study machines and codes, but instead considers research, data analysis, and human behaviour. Additionally, companies often fail to develop a brand, generate new customers, and grow target demographics because of the lack of a robust strategy.

Marketing has changed drastically over the last few decades, yet the evolution of this space as we know it is not complete until it reaches its full potential with Ai, ML and, most importantly, Blockchain technology. The evolution has been headed by major brands such as McDonald’s, Unilever, Nestle, Virgin Media, and O2, with advertising and marketing agencies opting for a Blockchain pilot to introduce transparency in their digital advertising process. The shift will dredge into the advertising supply chain to identify valuable data on inefficiency, fraud, and trust issues.

While digital marketing is mainly associated with influencers, likes and followers, Blockchain and Ai are relatively new terms, which are poised to be one of the most impactful and disruptive technologies to date. Blockchain is rapidly transforming digital marketing, and it won’t be surprising to see who will benefit the most from this change.

Ojamu Transforming the Digital Marketing Sector  

With a vision to radically transform digital marketing, Singapore-based MarTech company, Ojamu, came to fruition. Ojamu is changing how brands plan their digital marketing approach. Rather than simply introducing absolute industry marketing practices, Ojamu uses Blockchain-based solutions combined with the best Ai (Artificial Intelligence) driven insights and cutting-edge automated solutions. Ojamu’s Neural Predictive Engine and intelligent platform form the core IP and the basis of its unparalleled offerings.

Ojamu is built upon two Intelligent Platform Saas offerings,

– Ojamu Managed Platform Solution (OMP)

OMP is developed to provide brands with Ojamu’s professional digital marketing team and services to improve their efficiency. 

– Ojamu Self-Serve Platform Solution (SSP)

SSP is developed for brands equipped to handle their marketing strategies. They can self-manage their marketing with the help of Ojamu’s professional tools. 

With the implementation of Blockchain, Ai, and NFTs, Ojamu is set to become a go-to solution for leading brands to strategize effective marketing campaigns using automation. Ojamu’s Intelligent Platform uses Ai and analytics in planning digital marketing strategies, which can generate the best possible outcomes by drastically improving the success probability for digital marketing campaigns across any industry vertical.

Ojamu uses its governance token $OJA to optimize the platform further. On every transaction of NFTs that provides access to specific industry data, Ojamu uses a small percentage for the development of the platform similar to the Uniswap model. 

Ojamu offers marketing services for brands and companies in the non-crypto and competitive crypto world. As more and more platforms have started offering Blockchain and DeFi services, they need to market their services in order to stay ahead. Ojamu helps them in this respect by automating the most effective marketing strategy based on their audience’s specific needs. 

How Does Ojamu Ensure Effective Campaigns?

Ojamu leverages NFT technology with Blockchain MarTech, its Neural Predictive Engine, marketplace functionality, and governance to offer a compelling end-to-end solution for digital branding and marketing campaigns. Correlating millions of unique data points combined with Ai and ML algorithms, Ojamu’s Intelligent Platform assures the success of any brand’s digital marketing campaigns across any industry vertical.

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