Rudkin: Make a splash | Columns

The ripples moving away from your actions, your splash, impacts everyone in your sphere of influence. Your splash, and the resulting ripples changes the world around you.

A ripple effect could be defined as the gradual spreading influence or series of consequences begun by a single action or event.

No matter where you are today, if you are young or old, hurting or happy, you will make a “splash” that has ripple effects. You can do something small, positive, kind and it will change a person’s day. Then, because you’ve been good to them, they will (hopefully) be kind to the next person and on and on.

Though I hate to bring it up, there are negative splashes and ripple effects too. Imagine, you spew out a particularly vicious comment at your co-worker and she walks down the hall and shoots off an email to a subordinate that is demanding and uncivil and written in all caps just to make a point! The recipient reads the email and lashes out at his administrative assistant who is then rude to the custodian who didn’t dust the shelves. The custodian, in turn, responds to his child’s minor infraction with “You’re grounded for life!” That kid begins to resent his parents.

Your splash matters. You have the power to set off a chain of events and could change lives.