Two boys plant an Ethereum mining operation in their garage and earn $ 32,000 a month

Some ‘sell imaginary friends’ and others put a cryptocurrency mining operation in their garage. Without a doubt, the time to sell sweets or lemonades is behind us, today’s children bring a shark’s mind.

Two American brothers learned how to earn money through an ethereum (ETH) mine that they established in their home garage. Ishaan and Aanya Thakur , aged 14 and 9 respectively, have generated monthly earnings of $ 35,000 (approximately 707,390 Mexican pesos), according to The Dallas Morning News .

According to the local newspaper, the little ones who live in Frisco, Texas, began with the dream of having their own mining operation after their father told them a story about the growth of bitcoin before they went to sleep.

At first they thought of trying the highest value cryptocurrency on the market (bitcoin), however, they did not have the money to invest in it, they still decided to buy the necessary equipment for crypto mining.

In this way, in March of this year, the brothers began mining through an old gaming computer that allowed them to generate earnings of a thousand dollars (approximately 20,219 Mexican pesos) in their first month.

We want to continue growing

The youngsters had a desire to expand their crypto mining. However, they ran into a problem: the shortage of graphics cards used for such activity. But, they looked for a solution: They signed up to receive updates on supplies from various electronics stores and when they received them they quickly went for the necessary instruments.


The brothers reported that they learned to mine cryptocurrency in a self-taught way through YouTube videos, and their father helped them through a loan to buy the necessary equipment.

Now small entrepreneurs use their money on inputs to continue growing their farm, paying for electricity from renewable energy, and also seek to save for their university studies.

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