Up to 5% of your portfolio should be in crypto

Applied Materials: “I love the quarter. Don’t be confused. It’s buyable, especially with Micron rallying today. I have to tell you, I think that quarter was excellent, and people who were selling the stock actually did not know what they were doing.”

Coinbase Global: “I think Coinbase is inexpensive. I don’t really care for management because I think they let out a lot of stock when they started. I was against that. They should’ve been buyers, not sellers. I think the listing went very, very poorly. I think the company is the .. natural repository of crypto. I will also say this, though, I own Ethereum directly. I think you should have up to 5% of your portfolio in crypto. I am a believer in crypto.”

Match Group: “I didn’t think the quarter was nearly as bad as the sellers said, and I think the company is really worthwhile. Maybe what we have to do is just revisit it, but I think that everything we’ve said about it — and we’ve liked it for some time — I reiterate. I like it very much, but don’t forget I also like Bumble.”

Royalty Pharma: “What is that stock doing under $40? I was thinking about doing a segment on that stock, because that is so cheap versus what I’m seeing in the actual field. They own a lot of stocks, and you should buy it.”

Mitek Systems: “The volume is very low. The fact that the company is doing incredibly well matters to me. I think it’s a buy. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t taken a run at that company already.”