Yadkin County School Board votes to mandate masks

The Yadkin County School Board voted unanimously to mandate masks in schools during an emergency meeting called Tuesday evening.

The decision was made after more than 400 students were required to stay home from school due to being exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Under CDC and state school guidelines, students who were not wearing masks and are exposed to someone who has tested positive must stay home from school for 14 days and can only return if they are not showing any symptoms of the virus. If students wear masks, the exclusion criteria is relaxed, so more students can stay in school.

Students who are currently quarantined — also known as “excluded” — may return after 10 days, rather than the previously required 14 days. The district is evaluating when the masking requirement will go into effect pending notification of students and families.

The district will also implement “mask breaks” for students to go outside and take their masks off, possibly as often as every 90 minutes.

Davie County schools also recently reversed a previous masks-optional policy and have now mandated masks.

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