Bitcoin & Ethereum Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Forecast & Trading [video]

Bitcoin and Ethereum Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Forecast & Trading.
Overview: Bitcoin and Ethereum there is a good case for being bearish and bullish, in regards to the Elliott wave count both markets are getting to a point of no return, meaning that is a trading session or two we will know if the crypto markets will be be bearish or bullish.Bitcoin Technical Analysis 45,000 resistance held, the next step for the bullish case is to develop a solid support on 43000, if the 42,000 becomes the resistance then the bears have control of the market.
Trading Levels Bitcoin: mTL3|43,000 the Midpoint mTL5|45,000 and Minor Group2 46,500|47,200|48,000.
Bitcoin Trading Strategy: Build long trades on the 43,000 as the tested support with  a Classic TradingLevels pattern then on 45,000 as support.

trading tip: dollar cost average btc strategy – hodling.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis.
11:13 Ethereum Elliott Wave Analysis.
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