BRToken Founder Explains How They’re Using Blockchain to Enhance Online Gaming

Blockchain has been one of the most impactful technologies we have seen in the last decade. Several innovations have been driven by this technology, the most popular one being Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general. Other innovations driven by Blockchain include Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Blockchain as a Service, and many more.

However, the blockchain innovation that most of you may not have heard of is decentralized (blockchain-based) gaming. We interviewed Emmanuel Appiah – the founder of BRToken (one of the leading players in the decentralized gaming space), to discuss decentralized gaming and how BRToken intends to use this technology to help gamers earn more from their craft.

In this interview, Emmanuel shared with us what BRToken is all about and why decentralized gaming is the future of online gaming.

He also shared with us the target users for BRToken and the benefits they will get while using this platform. If you are an online gamer, you’ll get to know how you can use BRToken to earn money gaming online and selling NFTs. Emmanuel also went ahead to share the roadmap of BRToken, including when they plan to officially launch the different apps of this platform.

Without going any further, let’s get straight to the interview!

In a few words, explain to the everyday person what BattleRoyalToken is all about?

BattleRoyalToken or BRToken, in short, is a permission-less ecosystem of Dapps or distributed applications that will enable any gamer in all parts of the world to earn online in an esports setting or environment. Without a doubt, in my mind, it will become the future of global esports tournaments.

Why gaming?

There are a few personal reasons why I chose to work on a gaming project. During the early days of the pandemic, gaming had taken off, and while I’m not a dedicated gamer myself, I’ve had my fair share of it. To fast forward, I saw an opportunity to create something to benefit young people dedicated to gaming and looking to either make a legitimate career out of it or earn while gaming.

I’ve had the chance to speak with various streamers that are very talented with a decent following. However, the struggle of earning through online streaming is still present, and the likelihood of participating in a lucrative high rewarding tournament was doubtful unless you were very famous or part of an esports team, although as we know, the big tech giant makes billions of dollars off of gaming content alone.

So, I saw an opportunity to solve a problem that could potentially change lives and bring more excitement to the everyday gamer. It was pretty clear to me that blockchain was the best solution to solve this problem on a global scale.

How does this platform differ from the already existing gaming platforms?

BRToken is unique due to the various tools we deliver that enable our users to maximize the potential of earning rewards while simply participating. We have combined multiple applications into one large ecosystem, allowing us to establish different sources of revenue streams and, in return, holds real value in the real world rather than just another token.

Why use blockchain technology instead of centralized infrastructure?

I could sit here and give you a long list of why blockchain technology is a better choice, but let’s stick with the obvious ones. One of the most pertinent reasons why we chose blockchain infrastructure over the other is Trust. With the traditional platforms, users have to trust someone they’ve never met to ensure that tournament prizes will be distributed honestly and accurately and hope the organizers are not having a bad day or going through some financial crisis.

With blockchain, it is transparent. There’s an immutable smart contract that anyone can audit and ensure that it does the job it’s meant to do regularly. Another vital aspect is Security. With the traditional online tournament platforms maintaining Security can be challenging on the prizes or payments side, which is in most cases done by some other separate application or gateway which takes Security out of your hands entirely.

I’ll also add that fiat transactions through 3rd party gateways create a barrier and limit the number of participants due to high fees and different conversion rates each day. Plus, there are no incentives for holding or transacting with fiat. With BRToken, you get rewarded for doing both. The list goes on. The benefits of building a platform for an esports setting on the blockchain are a lot more beneficial to the end-user than traditionally; thus, the choice was clear.

Is this platform only for gamers? What are the other use cases of BRToken, if any?

To answer your question, no. The platform is for anyone looking to get into the blockchain space. BRToken provides multiple use cases. One can use BRTK, which is the underlying utility token of the platform, to participate in other Dapps such as our staking Dapp, which allows you to lock BRTK and mint more tokens, our AMM Dapp, which will enable users to provide stable coins as a liquidity provider and in return, earn BRTK.

Users can also purchase NFTs or, for a better word, digital collectibles with BRtoken on our Cross-Chain NFT marketplace, which is a collaboration with Trybit set for mid-2022

When will BRToken officially launch, and what should the early adopters expect?

The goal is to launch our distributed applications in stages to stress test each Dapp separately. You can find this on our website,, on the section titled roadmap 2021 in our documentation. The first application is our Staking Dapp that allows users to lock in tokens and earn BRTK, which will be released between August to September at the latest.

The next Dapp release date will be between October to November 2021, and finally, for our 2021 roadmap, we will launch the tournament platform in December at the end of the year.

How will gamers and other users earn from this platform?

Gamers can earn by participating in tournaments and earning rewards from the tournament prizes. Gamers can also earn by capturing their in-game ‘wow’ moments and offering them for sale as NFT’s. Gamers can also earn from “yield farming” by locking in their BRTK on our Staking or AMM dapp for a set period and earn a yield on their initial locked tokens.

How will gaming tournaments be organized on this platform?

Tournaments are grouped in categories by game. So, when a game is selected, there will be multiple tournaments available to join, depending on one’s skill level. This is to ensure a fair playing field for all gamers. Tournament participants are grouped depending on multiple variables.

For example, some games will group users for a specific tournament by current ranking in-game, ranking by timestamps, ranking by winnings, ranking by losses, and ranking by kills. With that said, we look forward to hearing the feedback from our users and optimizing tournaments to best suit our gamers in the future.

How is BRToken related to NFTs?

The small sample of data we’ve gathered about NFTs shows that they are a thing for the future. So, we decided to leverage that for our gamers by allowing them to capture in-game moments, for example, a fantastic dunk in 2k, a brilliant goal on FIFA, the incredible throw by Aaron Rogers in Madden NFL, or the unbelievable squad wipe by a solo player.

All these memorable moments can be minted and sold as NFTs, bringing more value to the gamers and more excitement on keepsakes.

How can people get BRTokens?

BRToken is currently being traded on and also on multiple Decentralized exchanges like Pancakswap and

Key takeaways

The founder himself has literally explained everything you need to know about BRToken and the future of online gaming in general. But just to ensure you don’t forget the crucial bits of this interview, here are the key takeaways you need to remember.

  • BRToken is not only about decentralized gaming; there are several other decentralized apps they offer, like the AMM and Staking Dapps. The platform will also have an NFT marketplace where gamers can sell NFTs of clips for some of their biggest moments during games.
  • BRToken uses blockchain technology because of the many advantages it has over centralized platforms. Some of the Blockchain’s pros over centralized platforms include its permission-less nature, Trust, privacy, security, and immutability.
  • Gamers will benefit from BRToken by being part of tournaments and earning rewards from tournament prizes. They can also sell their in-game “wow” moment’s in BRToken’s NFT marketplace.
  • BRTokens will be launching different Dapps between August and December 2021. According to their 2021 roadmap, the main tournament platform will be the last to be launched.