Coinbase Now Supports Paycheck Deposit to Coinbase Accounts

Coinbase is making it easier to fund accounts, allowing users to deposit part of their paycheck directly into their accounts.

Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, and the company is continually working to make it easier for mainstream users to get started. The latest feature should appeal to new users, as well as veteran traders.

The company is making it possible for users to deposit all or part of their paycheck, instead of manually funding their accounts.

“Now, you’ll save time on the extra steps it takes to move money so you can immediately earn interest on your income or earn crypto rewards with your Coinbase Card,” writes Prakash Hariramani, Sr Director, Product. “Plus, you’ll pay zero transaction fees on direct deposit funds⁴ so you have instant and free access to the cryptoeconomy.”

Coinbase emphasizes that users will have total control over the process.

“Stay in control of your money by depositing as little or as much of your paycheck as you want,” Hariramani continues. “Get paid in any of the 100+ crypto available on Coinbase or in US Dollars. Choose to get paid in crypto so you can make recurring buys or earn interest on your income (by getting paid in USDC, DAI, or other interest-yielding assets), or choose to get paid in US Dollars to be ready for any trade or to spend with your Coinbase Card.”