Decentr launches a blockchain-based browser to attract users to cryptocurrency

Decentr, a blockchain startup building a decentralized browser of the same name, today announced that it has launched its flagship project of the same name to provide the security and features needed to attract users to cryptocurrency.

According to the company, the crypto ecosystem has been stifled because it’s still highly technical and lacks pathways for regular users to onboard. Average users may desire to get into cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and use Web3 applications, but they’re seen as too complex.

“Users running the Decentr browser can access all the necessary functions, tools, links etc. to start crypto’ing, safely and securely,” said Rich James, chief operating officer of Decentr. “Our vision is for Decentr to be synonymous with crypto itself, the crypto browser of choice and the first step to entering the crypto ecosystem for any new user.”

Decentr isn’t just a browser app. It’s a “web3” browser that is blockchain-aware and runs directly on the Decentr mainnet as a decentralized application.

Other browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, interact with web3 via extensions that are not natively blockchain-aware. Even the Brave browser, which is the dominant crypto browser, is not web3-native and uses the wallet provider Uphold to connect to the crypto economy.

To bolster user security, Decentr features a free, built-in virtual private network and AdBlock with a redesigned user interface that allows easy access to customize both. Most importantly, the VPN and AdBlock features are free to use for all Decentr users.

Another feature of Decentr is a distributed social feature called the dHub including a user wallet, with a built-in blockchain-aware social network similar to SteemIt or Hive. All activity across the decentralized social networking aspect is recorded and attributed in the Decentr blockchain, including “likes,” text, title and the user who published it.

Decentr also provides a Browse to Earn model for users that gives users an incentive in the form of DEC tokens to participate in transactions. Although there is a long-term vision to allow users to sell their individual data to individual parties – such as Ocean Protocol, with which Decentr has partnered and is working closely – it’s still in the early stages.

“The Decentr Browser is both the gateway and user accessibility layer to the entire Decentr ecosystem (and the DEC token), affording users an integrated Web3 experience while allowing them to benefit economically from the wider crypto ecosystem,” said Nikita Anikeev, Decentr’s chief technology officer.

Decentr is available for Windows, OSX and Linux as a standalone application as well as an extension for Chrome.

Image: Decentr

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