EcoX Partners With CCTF Organizers to Host the Largest Blockchain Hacking Event So Far

With the increasing amount of cryptocurrency breaches and hacks occuring as the industry gets into mainstream adoption, cybersecurity experts lack low level expertise in the area.

Crypto pioneers  Endre (Silur) Abraham and David (six) Pethes called out to blockchain hackers to attend their 2-round competition, with the finals to take place on a yacht in Dubai, for a prize pool over $15.000

It’s the seventh time CCTF is being organized, getting more traction with every event. Earlier this year, CCTF6 issued more than $5.000 worth of prizes as part of Bday 4.0. With the increasing amount of hackers and sponsors attending each event, CCTF7 will be the first competition in the series that will be split into two rounds.

The first round is to take place (online and offline) as part of the prestigious Hacktivity cybersecurity conference on Oct 8th, from where the finalists are competing for the big prizes in Dubai on a luxury yacht for the second round on 2021.11.27. The organizers are also planning to initiate wargaming elements for the finals and provide networking opportunities between the sponsors and the competitors.

Within the CTF (Capture the flag) subculture, CCTF7 is the largest such event so far both as in the offered prizes and the organizational efforts designed to gather the world’s best hackers. The puzzles will include topics like asynchronous network hacking, cryptography, smart contract vulnerabilities, front-running and other MEV examples, layer2 attacks and others.

The puzzles are designed to follow real-world examples of cryptocurrency-related cyber heists, which summed up to a stunning $3.8 billion in 2020.

Past events had sponsors like CasperLabs, Ilgon and HodlBag, and for this time, EcoX, the largest media and event production agency in the middle east partnered up, along with LanTo Capital.

For registering to the first online round, see