Ethereum Blockchain Was Split Over Outdated Geth Software Nodes

Ethereum has skirted through what could possibly be a catastrophic event, after the main Ethereum blockchain was forced to split due to the severity of a known bug. The bug was found in the Geth software – which is deployed by around 75% of all user on the Ethereum network. Geth is mostly used as a mining node for Ether, and enables the creation of software that runs atop the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ethereum Foundation security lead, Martin Swende, said that “A consensus bug hit #ethereum mainnet today, exploiting the consensus-bug that was fixed in geth v1.10.8. Fortunately, most miners were already updated, and the correct chain is also the longest (canon).” This means that the Ethereum network is safe – but that users making transactions in the outdated sidechain might see them being reversed when they finally update Geth and are brought back into the main chain and its different history of transactions.