Watch Now: Creation of the Alton Ripple street mural | Videos

Artist Joe Miller was commissioned by Alton Main Street to design and paint the street mural “Alton Ripple” at the intersection of State and Third Streets in downtown Alton. Miller, who is based out of Chicago, spent time growing up in Staunton and went to Lewis and Clark Community College. In Miller’s artist statement he says the mural “is attempting to abstractly represent this ripple broken down into individual molecules. The Alton Ripple, structured in a repetition of vibrancy that not only represents the body of water but the vast nature of the people that have intersected with this hardly forgotten town. The colorful dots flare outward like rings from a center point and pulse because the radiant progression encourages it.” The mural will be covered with a clear sealant to help preserve it. The project was funded by the Greater Gateway Association of Relators Smart Growth Place Making grant. Video by David Carson,