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During the last 24 hours, the token was trading at $144.40 until it sharply fell to $140.23. After, it started to surge with the small volatility and reached $149.69 for now. The market capitalization is close to $9,978,941,565 which enables it to be in 16th place in the whole market. It was jumping by 3.2% during the last day with a trading volume of more than $2,676,033,219. Currently, there are 67 million tokens with a total supply of $84 million.
Litecoin is considered a cryptocurrency that is similar to Bitcoin. It is decentralized crypto which is using the same protocols which Bitcoin is using besides some parameter tweaks. Also, it is also operating on proof-of-work consensus and working on the peer-to-peer network which does not require any permission. On the network, it is able to transfer different kinds of funds to one another without the need to rely on any central authority. Litecoin was designed by Charlie Lee in October 2011 and was examined as one of the early cryptocurrencies.