4 Benefits of Blockchain Powered Monitoring Devices [Infographic]

Many hospitals are making the transition to newer, more secure monitoring devices in order to increase the security of sensitive data. One of the most beneficial changes has been swapping old monitoring devices to blockchain powered wearable monitors. So what are the benefits of these wearable monitors?

Real Time Reports

Blockchain-powered remote devices are linked to a larger patient hub that holds all patient data. This gives healthcare providers easier access to all of a patient’s stats and allows them to more accurately provide personalized care for each patient. These devices monitor things like blood pressure and pulse, but also provide information necessary in diagnosing sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and even epileptic seizures. This information is critical for doctors to have, and they are able to monitor their patients in real time to make sure that everything is under control.

Enhanced Transparency

The use of the patient hub is beneficial for providers because they are able to view patient data and monitor it in real time, but it is also beneficial for patients. Patients have access to their records as well as the ledger of their data so they are able to see who is viewing their information. This takes away the stress of wondering if third parties are gaining access to sensitive information and can help repair the trust that has been compromised due to data breaches in the past.

Reduced Complexity and Cost

Older monitoring devices can be very complicated. Some are implanted, interconnected devices that are easily hackable and are outdated. Aside from the physical cost of the old devices, hospitals lose hundreds of dollars per patient when their devices are hacked. With blockchain-powered devices, the added security makes their cost significantly lower than older devices and they are much less complex. The fact that they are user-friendly also means a reduction in human error which is beneficial for both patients and providers.

Enhanced Security

The most notable benefit of blockchain-powered devices is the added security they provide. Blockchain is a more user friendly security option for providers, and the applications they provide store data in more fragmented systems making them harder for hackers to gain access to. In many hospitals today, the security systems are outdated and have no designated team to ensure that the system is working properly.

Infographic Source: Online Medical Services