Blockchain Island Brings Tourism Closer To Blockchain Technology

Innovative blockchain-powered tourism project, Blockchain Island looks to infuse blockchain benefits to tourism

Blockchain Island is a revolutionary project that seeks to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and the tourism industry by giving travelers and crypto enthusiasts a futureproof digital asset-backed by real assets in Katang Lingga island. 

The global blockchain space has undoubtedly expanded in recent times, with more businesses across industries as well as individuals embracing the technology and its inherent solutions. The case is not different in the tourism industry, with stakeholders looking for ways of leveraging blockchain to enhance their operations and grow their bottom line. However, more needs to be done in this regard, which is where Blockchain Island has literally challenged the status quo.

Blockchain Island is particularly unique as it is backed by an underlying real asset – Katang Lingga Island, providing an opportunity for as many people as possible to be a part of building the resort and ultimately offer economic sharing benefits to all levels of society safely and transparently. The island resort and spa will offer amazing amenities, with the first phase consisting of 105 Villas, divided into 10 private villa units and 95 public villa units.

Blockchain Island token (BCL) is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and enables holders to earn rewards rights in the form of Staking and appreciation in the value of digital assets based on the valuation of assets on the Katang Lingga Island.

crucial roadmap information concerning Blockchain Island

Team Building (2019)

– Katang Lingga Island Resort and Spa Construction Project begins (2020)

– Blockchain Island Token ( BCL ) Smart Contract deployment ( Q4 2021 )

– Website and social media release ( Q4 2021 )

– First Airdrop Release ( Q4 2021 )

– Tokensale Release (eagle holders, 1st private sale, 2nd private sale, public sale) ( Q1 2022 – Q2 2022 )

– First Exchange Listing ( Q1 2022 )

– First Airdrop Distribution ( Q1 2022 )

– Listed in CoinGecko ( Q1 2022 )

– Listed in CoinMarketCap ( Q1 2022 )

– Airdrop Coinmarketcap Release ( Q1 2022 )

– Airdrop Coinmarketcap Distribution ( Q1 2022 )

– Listed In Top Exchange ( Q2 2022 )

– Grand Launch Tokensale Release ( Q2 2022 )

– Blockchain Island Wallet Release ( Q3 2022 )

– Latest Progress Report of Katang Lingga Island Resort and Spa development (Q4 2022)

– Blockchain Island Public Testnet Event ( Q1 2023 )

– Blockchain Island Mainnet Release ( Q2 2023 )

– Latest Progress Report of Katang Lingga Island Resort and Spa development (Q4 2023)

– Latest Progress Report of Katang Lingga Island Resort and Spa development (Q4 2024)

– Latest Progress Report of Katang Lingga Island Resort and Spa development (Q4 2025)

– Latest Progress Report of Katang Lingga Island Resort and Spa development (Q4 2026)

– Development of a Special Economic Zone for Tourism in Lingga Regency which is integrated with the Blockchain Island Coin ( Q1 2027)

Apart from the Katang Lingga Island Resort, the company is also introducing Hillstone Villas Resort Bali, which is evidently a part of the Blockchain Island project. Hillstone Villas Resort Bali offers the ultimate in holiday luxury combined with the indulgence of exceptional personal service within an exclusive world. Elegant contemporary villas, with a private swimming pool, Balinese gazebo, and lush tropical garden Hillstone Villas Resort has been operating with 96 villas, 193 rooms, and an area of 8 hectares utility functions and  advantages


BCL token holders will get earn rewards through staking. the total supply of staking rewards is 2,250,000,000 BCL (25% of the total supply of BCL)


Holders of 100,000 BCL for one year will get a free 1-night voucher at Villa Katang Lingga Island Resort or Hillstone Villas Resort


The BCL Token Base Price will increase following the token sale according to the sales period.

For more information about the Blockchain Island project, visit – and YouTube.

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