Ecoball, a Solidity compatible Blockchain Network Offering Masses with Low-cost Solutions

SINGAPORE, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ecoball is a decentralized blockchain technology that enables users to transfer funds, store NFT, and engage in metaverse transactions. It offers ultra-fast, low-cost transactions while securely connecting popular blockchains over a single network interface. The blockchain technology used is efficient, quick, scalable, and user-friendly. According to its developers, decentralized protocol and the operating system are the two primary products of Ecoball.

Ecoball is a next-generation blockchain that addresses the scalability problem. It has low processing costs that enable consumers with as many opportunities for participation as possible. With great pleasure, we announce the Ecoball Chain, a public chain that aims to provide user enjoyment using blockchain mechanics.

As per recent reports, the Huobi Exchange has terminated mainland China’s IP transactions, leading to a significant downfall in the market. EcoBridge came forward to help and cross the HECO assets to the Ecoball Chain to aid this condition. This came out as a blessing for holders as the Huobi exchange plans to clean up existing mainland clients by the end-2021 of. EcoBridge can help cross the HECO assets to the Ecoball Chain, saving many new investors from losing their holdings.

Features offered by Ecoball

  • Processing Upto 10,000 TPS: With fast speed, low cost, and excellent efficiency, the VPoSDAO (VPoS+DAO) model verifies and validates transactions. Ecoball’s gas charge is essentially non-existent compared to Ethereum’s exorbitant gas fee, but the TPS may reach 100,000.
  • Close-To-Zero Trading Fees: Ecoball’s native currency, ECO, will be utilized chiefly for bookkeeping and governance. The protocol intends to issue around 2.1 billion ECO tokens. Although this figure is likely to vary due to the implementation of alternative consensus methods.
  • Cross-chain compatibility: A Cross-chain bridge is an essential infrastructure in the age of value Internet. The native cross-chain mechanism is supported. It is committed to connecting all assets in the blockchain, making a vision to promote the prosperity of blockchain ecology. Eco ball blockchain has a built-in cross-chain bridge.

The Ecoball platform is designed to match the DeFi standards while offering a CEX-like smooth experience. That’s not all; the project has also designed their in-house Rocket engine for NFT and GameFi so that players can enjoy zero lag entertainment. Furthermore, Ecoball also plans to launch many other value-added services like their own Social Platform, E-Commerce store, IoT, and much more.

The platform is also Ethereum-compatible, supports Solidity for imaginative contract creation, and allows EMV-compliant DEFI programs to move to the Ecoball public chain quickly. Ecoball already has a bridge connecting it to BSC and ETH applications, and more chains will be added shortly. Apart from this, Ecoball already has several supporters that make up the Ecoball Chain ecology, which allows for long-term growth.

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