Ether Capital Corporation Announces First Commitment to Ethereum Staking

TORONTO–()–Ether Capital Corporation (“Ether Capital” or the “Company”) (NEO: ETHC), a leading technology company focused on participating in the development of the Ethereum and Web 3 ecosystem, is pleased to announce that it has taken the first step towards staking a majority of its Ether balance.

Ether Capital has allocated 10,240 Ether, currently worth approximately $50 million (US$40 million), to Ethereum’s Beacon Chain, thereby working to provide validation and security to the Ethereum network as it transitions from proof of work consensus to proof of stake. The Company has staked its Ether in accordance with the Company’s multisignature custody protocol. Ether Capital has entered into an agreement with Figment Inc., an industry leading blockchain services provider, to run validator infrastructure for this allocation to staking.

Prior to the merger of Ethereum’s current mainnet into Ethereum’s Beacon Chain (the “Merge”), Ether Capital intends to stake at least 30,000 Ether of its current 43,512 Ether balance. The Merge is currently expected to occur mid-year in 2022. The 30,000 Ether staking goal represents over 68% of the Company’s Ether balance and is currently valued at over $150 million (US$115 million). Based on data from the Ethereum Foundation, current staking rewards reflect an approximate 5.2% annual percentage rate (the “Staking Yield”). The Company notes that the Staking Yield excludes any contributions from transaction fees to validators, which is only expected to apply following the Merge. Transaction fees therefore represent supplemental consideration for validation services provided by Ethereum stakers.

“Staking has been part of our roadmap for many years and we are thrilled to announce this initial 10,240 Ether allocation into staking. We are also excited to provide increased visibility on our staking plans into 2022 and our expectation of deploying a majority of our Ether balance, or at least 30,000 Ether, into staking,” said Brian Mosoff, Ether Capital’s CEO. “We believe we may be one of the only, if not the only, public companies in the world with such a meaningful balance of our asset base devoted to Ethereum staking. Our commitment to staking on Ethereum reflects our confidence in Ether as an asset and Ethereum as a network. We are eager to be the public company torchbearer in supporting infrastructure for one of the most innovative and highest growth movements in history.”

Mr. Mosoff continued to voice his support for Ethereum’s native token as an important yield-generating investment moving forward: “We believe that Ether is a generational asset in terms of its standing within the Web 3 ecosystem as well as its potential to deliver outstanding capital appreciation,” he said. “We are at the beginning of Ether’s progression into a productive asset via staking and are excited by its potential to transition Ether Capital into our next phase of growth as a net accumulator of Ether. Staking fundamentally changes the game and allows Ether Capital to operate and participate in blockchain infrastructure so that Ether, previously a passive asset, can be converted into revenue-producing, or productive, asset via staking. We expect that Ether staking will provide a potentially significant source of revenue for the Company.”

About Ether Capital Corporation

Ether Capital is a Toronto-based technology company whose long-term objective is to become the central business and investment hub for the Ethereum and Web 3 ecosystem. Ether Capital has invested the majority of its balance sheet in Ethereum’s native utility token “Ether” as a core strategic asset and intends to become a net accumulator of Ether over time. Ether Capital is focused on technology development to further expand Web 3 technologies and generate corporate value. Ether Capital’s management team and Board of Directors are comprised of crypto-natives, leading venture capitalists and capital market experts, which uniquely positions us to identify and capitalize on opportunities in the digital asset ecosystem.

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