Kevin Durant Is the Face of Crypto Platform Coinbase

NBA star Kevin Durant and his company Thirty-Five Ventures have officially entered into a strategic partnership with cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase.

As a part of the multiyear deal, the Brooklyn Nets‘ sharpshooter is now the face of the platform and is set to promote Coinbase across all his business ventures. Coinbase is also joining forces with Durant’s sports site, Boardroom for sponsored crypto content and digital ads. Coinbase will also be an avid supporter of Durant’s foundation in support of his youth programs. Thirty Five Ventures initially invested in Coinbase back in 2017 and since then, the relationship between the two companies has developed greatly. KD’s company is expected to work with Coinbase to grow the awareness of NFTs and the use of Coinbase as the main platform. Thirty Five Ventures and Coinbase will be releasing exclusive NFT drops and educating users on the growth of the digital crypto world.

Bloomberg reports that Rich Kleiman, who is KD’s longtime manager and co-founder of his company, said, “Kevin does very, very few brand deals and that was by design. They’re this new model of brand partner for us, where they do integrate in all different parts of our business.”

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