Leveraging Unique Blockchain Credential Solutions for all Digital and Academic Ecosystem

Blockchain Certified Data: Leveraging Unique Blockchain Credential Solutions for all Digital and Academic Ecosystem


December 17, 2021

Blockchain technology is thriving in multiple industries across the world with the emergence of digital transformation. The field of blockchain in the IT sector is growing very fast. It is estimated that blockchain technology has been adopted by more than one-third of the companies in the world and demand for blockchain developers is ever-increasing. Blockchain technology provides one of the most secure and safe online transactions which has shaken all the industries. Due to its numerous benefits to the industry, many companies and professionals have started to adopt blockchain technology.

Blockchain Certified Data is one of the most innovative blockchain companies that enables businesses to create decentralized and sovereign registers of sensitive data which is fully integrated into the information systems.


B2B Solution for Variable Credentials

Blockchain Certified Data (BCD) publishes a B2B solution enabling institutions to issue verifiable credentials: 100% digital and tamper-proof certificates using blockchain technology. Blockchain Certified Data technology assists in creating decentralized & sovereign registers of sensitive data, fully integrated into the information systems.


A Journey of Establishment Through Time

After a successful ICO (cryptocurrency fundraising) in 2018, BCD developed and patented a unique data certification technology: EvidenZ. The solution is now deployed with more than 100 customers in 18 countries and marketed under the BCdiploma brand. BCD automates the issuance, dispatch, and management of users’ digital credentials. The validity of documents is guaranteed and verifiable. In addition, BCdiploma adheres to the international W3C verifiable credentials data model standard.


An Experienced and Insightful Leader

Luc Jarry-Lacombe, Co-Founder and CEO @BCdiploma, is now recognized as an expert in academic verifiable credentials, with among others, several R&D programs for the European Commission, and the co-authorship with Vincent Langard of two BCD blockchain patents. The first one was delivered on first reading in the US and now extended to the most important regions of the world. Luc is a former mathematics associate professor and has had a career in IT for higher education, including at ESCP Europe and as an EdTech product owner. His professional background allows him to understand with precision the needs of universities.


Adoption of Public Blockchains in Various Realms

Since its inception, BCD has been designing state-of-the-art solutions accessible to the greatest number of people. With this philosophy, BCD has enabled the adoption of public blockchains (Ethereum, Smart Chain, etc.) in renowned public and private institutions around the world, according to Jarry-Lacombe

Conventional credentialing platforms secure centralized databases by storing signatures or timestamps on a blockchain. In contrast, the blockchain technology at the core of BCdiploma guarantees decentralized and direct access to user’s certified data.


Integration of Cloud with Blockchain Technology

According to Jarry-Lacombe BCD has been a member of Gaïa-X since 2021, and has been working on the major issue of data sovereignty in a cloud environment. This R&D, combining blockchain and cloud, has been the subject of a second patent application on an innovative process for storing and securing sensitive data in a multi-cloud environment.


Introducing Blockchain Digital Credentials Technology to the World

BCD has designed a unique Blockchain digital credentials technology and has strategic partnerships on its R&D components. For example, BCD is the technical partner of France in the European project for EBSI and is supported by the European Union for the development and democratization of self-sovereign identity within its solutions. Digital credentials are digital certificates issued by an institution like diplomas, skills, transcripts, degree certifications, etc. A blockchain is a decentralized and forgery-proof database that makes it possible to secure and store these documents. Students thus have a lifelong supply of online credentials with a probative value.

The data is stored directly on the blockchain, where the data is secured and made accessible forever. The digital credentials are guaranteed to be accessible, whether there is an agreement with the publisher or not. Welcome to the blockchain era.

BCdiploma adapts to any standard for consultation or sharing, W3C verifiable credentials, open badges, digital credentials consortium, EDCI, EBSI, etc.


Thriving the ‘Crypto Winter’ with Confidence

Following the successful ICO in 2018 focused on its $BCDT tokens, which are essential to the smooth running of the EvidenZ ecosystem, BCD had to face an unprecedented “crypto winter”. After a post-ICO Euro fundraise, BCD now has over 100 customers and has become a key player in the B2B blockchain world.


A Garland of Acceptance and Acknowledgements

As a Microsoft Cosell partner, BCD is trusted by major players in the academic world namely the University of Lille, eCampusOntario, emlyon business school, ESCP Business School. Diploma has been recognized as a Microsoft preferred solution and has obtained the OBv2 certification from IMS Global.


Painting the Bright Future

The current mission of the company along with all support and love from blockchain lovers will take the company to the moon is what the management at Blockchain Certified Data believes.

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