Psychic Shaun’s frustration at having to move his crystal shop after creating ‘ripple of magic’

A business owner at Thornaby micro shops says he’s “absolutely gutted” after being told to move out.

Crystal Haven has been given a few weeks to vacate its pod at the Pavilion – but its owner says it’s “not the end” for the business.

LCP, which owns the micro shops, says a “small number of” traders have been asked to move out of their pods – but those affected have been offered an alternative spot in the building.

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It’s to allow work to “remove congestion points” to go ahead, due to the runaway success of the complex.

But Shaun Davis Webb, a psychic medium who set up Crystal Haven in June, says the “devastation” it has caused is “unmeasured”.

“All the good things we’ve done, the amazing client base we’ve built up,” he said.

The shutters will come down on Saturday December 18

He posted on social media: “I’m absolutely gutted as I’ve had an amazing response from all of my customers and local residents during my time here.

“I’ve given it my all.

“I have spent an absolute fortune and still out of pocket today.

“But the memories, connections and people’s lives we have touched will stay with me forever.

“This isn’t the end, its just the beginning.

“I’m so sorry to all of my customers and clients who come regular for treatments, readings and products to uplift their lives.

“I’ll do my best to find a new, better shop.

“It’s very close to Christmas and I have two young kids, but I will still continue to do all I can to ensure you all have a place to visit.”

Company behind microshops says it's been a 'triumph'
Company behind microshops says it’s been a ‘triumph’

Saturday, December 18 will be the “last time I pull the shutter down on Crystal Haven Thornaby”, he added.

“I’ll walk away with my head held high, knowing I’ve touched so many peoples hearts.

“I’ve been loyal, I’ve been dedicated, I’ve created a ripple of magic across Thornaby.”

A spokesman for national commercial property and investment firm LCP said it planned to reconfigure part of Microshops’ ground floor to remove congestion points and to ensure customers are better able to move around safely.

“This will mean a very small number of tenants will be given the opportunity to move to another pod, to allow the work to go ahead,” the spokesperson added.

“All Microshops tenants sign flexible contracts, which enable both parties to instigate changes to the tenancy with a month’s notice.

“In addition to the 16 pods that are located on the ground floor, LCP has also created a new, upper floor comprising seven standard pods and one large pod, to meet the demand of local, start-up retailers who want to try a bricks and mortar shop without the financial risk associated with taking on a shop.”

Microshops at Thornaby has been a “retail triumph for local traders”, they added.

“We’re looking forward to building on this success in 2022, when we will continue to work with our hard-working, independent tenants who are keen to serve their local community.”

Customers of Crystal Haven, which sells healing crystals, jewellery and gifts as well as offering tarot readings and treatments, says the place was “more than just a shop”.

“So sad to see you leave,” one person posted, “but I believe the universe has something bigger and better in store for you.

“Keep reaching for the stars and stay positive.”

You’re not just a business,” one lady wrote, “you’re a safe haven for so many and the friendships that have been created will always be special.”

“Little things make a difference…..,” one mum added, “you made a difference. Keep that light burning and look forward.”

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