Revolutionizing Blockchain Solutions with an Independent Global Monetary System

Worldfree Corporation, Ltd: Revolutionizing Blockchain Solutions with an Independent Global Monetary System


December 17, 2021

Worldfree develops software that derives from natural language reasoning (NLR), after first processing it (NLP) and then understanding it (NLU). It develops the Freemark, which is a global digicurrency that is more stable than fiat currencies, and resistant to inflation. Most “stablecoins” are priced relative to fiat currencies, which means they have no actual assets behind them, as fiat currencies in turn have no assets behind them.

The FreeMark differs from the others as it is pegged to a basket of 20 commodities, which serves as a proxy to inflation because most goods are made of these raw materials, which include metals, energy, food, and fibers.


Formalizing International Transactions by Providing Digital Solutions

Worldfree was established to help protect the purchasing power of its users’ wealth, by defending against inflation with a better-engineered medium of exchange. The Worldfree marketplace is also novel as an independent global monetary system established to defend economic liberty, with some novel approaches to formalize international transactions and provide a digital solution to individual rights and contract law.


An Innovative Blockchain Leader

Worldfree’s CEO Kevin Alexander Paul Kirchman is the author of three books and has degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering as well as in computer science. He began working for his father’s fintech software business, which was founded in the 1960s as a pioneer in the banking software industry, and thus Kevin is a 2nd generation software entrepreneur.

Kevin developed natural language reasoning (NLR) technology that was purchased by clients such as Baxter Healthcare and P&G.NLR is built upon new theories of validation, deduction, and lexicology, which are the basis of a historically distinct epistemological theory developed over more than ten years. Some of the future opportunities offered by NLRare the ability to integrate conceptual knowledge into daily transactions, and a rational-voice interface.


Empowering Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology places all transactions in public, even though they are encrypted. This is unwise, although some tout “transparency”, which is just another word for potential exposure of competitive advantage and invasion of privacy. “AI data mining algorithms can already expose interactions between identified account holders, even before quantum computing arrives,” says Kevin.


Using AI at the Forefront to Drive Innovation

Kevin is always at the forefront when to comes to using disruptive technologies. And talking about the importance of AI, Kevin claims “AI can identify a source of goods, its suppliers, and its clients, with pattern matching, as long as some parties are identified or “tell on them”. This exposes all business parties to what should be a private business, undermining their financial stability and long-term viability”.

As financial activity increasingly becomes transacted by digitally encrypted mediums of exchange, Worldfree is all set to seek alternative global internets to maintain the liberty of expression and commerce that are critical to the health, success, and happiness of 8 billion people.


Developing Solutions that Create a Global Impact

Talking about innovation, Kevin says, “Worldfree decided early in the game that transactions could not be stored in public and hence keeping this in mind, they developed the Nodechain, which is a network-based data-storage algorithm relying upon encryption for independent functioning. Worldfree has spent 3 years developing the technology behind the FreeMark, and the company is now looking forward to re-releasing the FreeMark application in the early 2022”.

Adding to this he says, “If all new digicurrencies do is to make digital copies of fiat money, then humanity will have squandered a great opportunity to fundamentally improve the mediums of exchange that this new paradigm could bring. This might very well improve the lives, liberties, and living conditions of billions of people globally, rather than following the stagnant, “global-Venezuela” tyrannical political movement that is currently pursuing more power. Sometimes metals, diamonds or other precious commodities back stablecoins, but these can be volatile and have limited scalability as global mediums of exchange”.


Hard Work that Brought Recognition

Worldfree never compromises in providing the best of solutions to its customers. It strives impeccably to help its clientele drive innovation. Most of the investors grasp the importance of protecting their wealth against inflation as they see the unstoppable QE raising the prospect of hyperinflation. “The crypto community may shun placing assets behind digicurrencies because that requires people and is considered to be a source of centralization” adds Kevin. But a market of many asset-backed digital currencies is by its nature decentralized, as each provider is responsible for their financial integrity, which is judged freely by market buyers with easy entry and exit from a particular digicurrency. London financial daily CityAM and the Global Family Office Magazine have both recognized the innovativeness ofFreeMark.


Surpassing the Global Challenge

Talking about the major challenge to the company, Kevin said, “COVID impacted the company as it has others. More than US$15 million in investments from 3 different investor groups has been delayed because of the pandemic, and this has required the company to stay the course, but the climate is much better now”. The company’s novel Nodechain peer-to-peer technology has required development and more time, luckily somewhat afforded by the delays in its financing”, he added.


Prepping Up to be the Digi Currency Leaders

World free intends to be a leader as one of many possible digicurrencies that will be in the market to challenge the unbacked, central-bank blockchain-based paradigms that will arise. “Distributed” is also another term for the phrase “functioning free-markets with low barriers to entry”, says Kirchman. “This means that having a marketplace with many competitors also represents a distributed paradigm, and should be encouraged by responsible consumers by freely patronizing different providers so that competitive markets are maintained, and their interests served. World free intends to challenge the rising global dictatorship, he added.

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