The 7 Best Sites for Tracking Crypto Coins

The crypto industry is an ever-changing ecosystem, with currencies that can be soaring to the heights of the market at one moment and then facing huge crashes in value the next.

It’s often hard to know where a coin will go next, so it’s always a good idea to check the stats of your desired coin on a regular basis, regardless of whether or not you’ve bought some yet. So, which sites offer the best, and most up-to-date cryptocurrency statistics? Here’s a list of them.

coingecko bitcoin statistics screenshot

CoinGecko is a reliable and comprehensive resource for checking out the statistics and trends of hundreds of different coins. CoinGecko offers price graphs, market statistics, historical data, and a range of different charts for all the major coins, as well as the newer or less well-known coins, such as Chiliz or Milk Token.

You can also check out updates on your chosen coin using CoinGecko and compare its price chart to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest coins on the market right now. Additionally, you can convert your chosen coin into fiat or non-fiat currency at the same time. It’s really an all-in-one choice when it comes to cryptocurrency statistics.

coinbase solana statistics screenshot

Coinbase is known by many as a popular cryptocurrency exchange and software wallet, but it also offers key insights into hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. On the Coinbase “Prices” section, you can access a wide array of data on your chosen coin, including price charts, retention time, popularity, and trading activity.


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On top of this, Coinbase offers concise yet helpful summaries on each coin, explaining how the coin works and mentioning some key pieces of information for users to keep in mind. You can also check your chosen coin’s current value in a range of different non-fiat (or traditional) global currencies.

Given that Coinbase is also an exchange, you can also create an account directly from its “Prices” section and buy the coin you’re looking at if you like the stats you see.

nomics dogecoin statistics screenshot

Nomics is a great option for checking all kinds of cryptocurrency statistics. Nomics provides information on a huge range of different crypto coins, from big names to market newbies.

Nomics offers the standard coin price charts, as well as trading volume, market cap, and the specific supply number of coins in circulation. It also provides easy-to-read summaries on each coin, including its founders, release date, and more.

Additionally, Nomics not only offers price charts but price prediction charts, too. This way, you can check out what the consensus is on a particular coin’s future in the market. However, it’s important to note that Nomics states this prediction should not be taken as investment advice, so keep that in mind.

coinmarketcap ethereum statistics screenshot

You won’t be short of cryptocurrency stats on CoinMarketCap. This site is a great one-stop shop for key crypto coin data, including a crypto-to-USD price chart, trading volume, market cap, and overall market rank. Additionally, you can check out the top places to buy your desired coin if you’re unsure where to get started.

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Using CoinMarketCap, you can also take a look at the wallets that support your chosen coin, as well as insightful analysis and historical data. For those who would prefer reading about a coin than seeing pure statistics, you can look at the live data summary and “About” section. CoinMarketCap’s summaries are super in-depth and will provide you with a lot of information, not to mention an interesting read.

coinranking binance coin statistics screenshot

Coindesk provides users with the most important cryptocurrency statistics they need, including price charts, price-performance tables, and 24-hour change rates. You can also check out your desired coin’s key exchanges and markets, as well as its trading volume in said markets.

Like Coingecko, you can make use of Coinranking’s coin converter, and check a coin’s value in a range of fiats and non-fiat currencies. Additionally, you can check out Coinranking’s summary sections to read up a little on any coin and read about its founders and goals.

coindesk polkadot statistics screenshot

CoinDesk is a crypto resource you can rely on, with an array of different stats to keep you informed on the coins you’re interested in. It keeps you up-to-date on your desired coin’s latest price, as well as its past fluctuations, giving you an idea of how it’s performing.

On top of this, CoinDesk provides the market cap, total supply, and 24-hour volume of any given crypto coin, as well as a concise market analysis that allows you to understand its current market position or influence.

CoinDesk’s crypto summaries are also very informative, and you can check the price of your chosen coin in a variety of fiats and non-fiat currencies using their coin converter.

coinstats xrp statistics screenshot

CoinStats lets you check the current price and past fluctuations of your desired coin, and allows you to compare its performance against Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can also take a look at any coin’s market cap, circulating supply, and current markets (as well as its trading volume in each market).

CoinStats also offers the latest updates on your desired coin and provides a summary of each coin’s release, its founders, and how the coin works. You can try the site’s investment calculator, too, if you want to find out how much of a return you’d see if your chosen coin rose by a specific amount. This is a great way to understand where your money can go if you do invest.

There are some additional statistics offered by CoinStats that you can only access if you have a pro account, such as a coin’s daily trades or dominance in CoinStats portfolios. You can get a pro account for just $3.49 monthly, but CoinStats still offers a huge range of insightful stats for free if you do not want that.

Assessing Crypto Stats Is Easy With These Sites

With the sites above, you can learn all about a coin’s history, performance, and even its future, with just a few clicks.

You should check them out if you want to stay informed and up to date with cryptocurrency news and changes.

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