The Lightbulb Man Sculpture Digitized on the Blockchain

LONDON–()–Bjarne Melgaard, often touted as the heir of Edvard Munch in collaboration with the WEB 3 company NFTU enters the crypto-market, with a series of NFT Lightbulb Men.

The Norwegian artist has partnered with UK based NFTU to release a collection of 1122 unique Lightbulb Man NFT pieces – birthing new life into the infamous figure on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is not the first reimagining of the work, often ahead of his contemporaries Melgaard is always looking for new ways to explore the immortalised sculpture. The Lightbulb man has already been digitized through augmented reality via a mobile-app. This time around the artist has chosen to experiment with the Metaverse, creating the world of Skygge, the fictional realm explores many of the darker themes of his work. The artist is no stranger to creating immersive virtual landscapes, previously partaking in a virtual reality exhibition in Berlin where he utilised digital mediums to replicate the experience of the naturally occurring chemical DMT. The artist is now entering Web3 hosting a pre-sale, party in Decentraland, featuring industrial tech DJ and friend of the artist DJ Hell, Melgaard who is equally censored and celebrated is integrating POAP’s into the event – it is an important aspect for Melgaard who has been a victim of vandalism in the past for his work and his viewership to be immutable. As an artist it is important for Bjarne to evolve and shape the future, he is described as a paradigm disruptor and the collection is a fusion of technical and artistic innovation.

The beauty of the Lightbulb Man and his disturbing presence are not easily articulated beyond the figure itself, yet Melgaard’s reworking of the sculpture in sombre expressions against vivid colours with Web3 distribution reopens discussion around the mythical piece. The physical Lightbulb Man currently stands a lone bronze figure in the Norwegian National Gallery. To see examples of the lucid digital artwork on offer, keep up with the release dates and minting information, visit the website

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Mint Volume: 1122