White Castle enters the crypto space with ethereum domain name and NFT | Currency News | Financial and Business News

White Castle double cheeseburger.

  • White Castle announced on Twitter it registered a new domain name with the Ethereum Name Service: “whitecastleofficial.eth.”
  • The restaurant chain also changed its Twitter profile to a “Seahams” NFT. 
  • White Castle becomes the latest household name to join in on Web3 blockchain activity.

The list of name brands getting into crypto grows. 

Fast food chain White Castle announced on Twitter that it registered a domain name with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS): “whitecastleofficial.eth,” becoming the latest brand-name entrant to the crypto world.

Similar to an internet domain name, an ENS allows people to link crypto wallets or other Web3-related information on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy private domains that can replace alphanumeric wallet addresses with a name that is easier to remember or share.

On Twitter, the century-old fast food chain also changed its profile picture to a “Seahams” NFT. 

This year, brand names from Gucci to Coca-Cola to Ubisoft have placed bets on NFTs and the metaverse. Investment bank Jefferies predicts the metaverse will be the biggest disruption to how we live ever seen, and institutions and retail traders alike have shown their excitement. Last week alone, NFT sales hit $293 million

Shortly after White Castle announced its entry into crypto, Brantly Millegan, director of operations at ENS, tweeted out his surprise — adding that he would go buy some White Castle as soon as possible.